Cat Dog Cat Dog Cat

Cat Dog Cat Dog Cat

Separate dogs and cats by moving groups of two consecutive boxes

Cat Dog Cat Dog Cat is the title of a highly unusual game in which you'll have to form two groups, one consisting entirely of cats and the other of dogs. When the game starts, a line of boxes is shown: there are several boxes with the figures of cats and dogs. An important term to remember all the time is "a pair" - a group of two consecutive boxes, one with a cat and one with a dog.

The difficulty begins when you have to perform your task of separating cats and dogs into one consecutive group of cats followed by dogs or vice versa, as instructed by the rules at the beginning of the game. You use the mouse to select and drag a pair to any location of your choice, but keep in mind that you can move pairs only. The mission is to figure out some kind of strategy or method with which you'll form the target group with just a few moves.

The game sounds easy and simple at first, but the only way to understand its difficulty is by playing it. It's certain that you'll need to think for quite a while to figure out even the first level. It's an incredibly challenging game worth of trying to beat. Luckily, the sounds and music are just great, providing a fun and entertaining time while you're activating your neurons.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Encourages progressive thinking
  • Entertaining
  • Enhances problem solving skills


  • Frustrating if you give up early without winning
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